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Pressure Control Valve

Control Valve

Pressure Control Valve and some problems related to them

Dripping Geyser overflow

Geysers often leak (drip) through the pressure control valve overflow pipe. This is normal as the water in the geyser heats and cools. However, anything more than a few liters a day usually indicates that the Geyser pressure control valve is faulty. This pressure control valve should be replaced if there is a constant steady drip from the overflow pipe. An occasional dripping after water has been drawn from the geyser is fine.

Overheating: Steam or hot water escaping from the Geyser overflow

An indication that this is occurring is when hot water and steam is observed coming out of the Geyser overflow pipe. This escaping hot water and steam show that the temperature pressure valve (TP valve) is releasing hot water because excessive temperature and pressure is building up in the geyser. The most common cause of overheating is a faulty thermostat. This is potentially very dangerous and must be seen to immediately. Switch off the geyser and call Fix Xperts Plumbing Services on 011 391 0987 or 011 391 0989


Geyser thermostats are specially made to fault in the open or “off” position. If the thermostat does this the water in the geyser obviously ceases to heat. However, sometimes the thermostat faults in the “on” position, in which case the water will eventually boil and the geyser may burst. “This is where the term Burst Geyser comes from”.

Water leaking through the ceiling

This indicates that the geyser has either burst, or a major leak has developed, and the drip tray and overflow pipe (if there is one) are not coping. Immediately switch off the power supply and the cold water supply to the geyser. Switch of the geyser power at the main distribution board. Call Fix Xperts Plumbing Service on 011 391 0987 or 011 391 0989

No hot water

Check whether the geyser circuit breaker on the main distribution board has tripped. Only reset the circuit breaker once or twice. If it continues to trip, then call Fix Xperts Plumbing Service on 011 391 0987 or 011 391 0989. If the power supply is OK, but there is no hot water – then this indicates that either the thermostat or the heating element which has failed. The thermostat and the heating element should always be replaced together.The most important thing you can do to prevent drains from becoming blocked in the first place is to monitor the waste that goes down your drain pipes on a regular basis. For kitchens, this means scraping plates thoroughly to ensure food does not go down drains and using adequate soaps and detergents to break down the grease and oil used in cooking. Don’t pour grease directly down the drain; if possible pour it into a container, wait for it to cool and throw it in the bin. If you must pour it into the drain, always follow with a blast of cold water as this solidifies the grease and stops it from clinging to pipes, thus preventing blocked drains.

Water not hot enough

This indicates that the setting on the thermostat is too low, or that that the thermostat and/element is malfunctioning. Set the thermostat to 65 degrees Celsius. Fix Xperts Plumbing Services does not recommend that a higher setting is used. If the geyser is old it may have become calcified and inefficient. In this case, consider replacing the geyser.


Poor hot water pressure

A number of things can cause low hot water pressure. These include old, blocked galvanized pipes, or a dirty or blocked valve. Some houses still have old low-pressure geysers – only 100 kPa – rather than modern high-pressure geysers – up to 600 kPa.  Low-pressure geysers usually have spherical “Lacto” valves in place of the modern pressure balancing valves.  A pressure balancing valve, fitted on the cold water supply to the geyser, ensures that both the hot and cold water supply to the bathrooms are at the same pressure rating as the high-pressure geyser.

Badly fitted geysers can be dangerous…

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