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Leaking Taps

Leaking taps

Save money by addressing the Leaky Tap

Leaking taps come under those severe concerns which demand immediate attention and expertise. Water leaks should be kept at the topmost position in your to-do list and should be resolved quickly and effectively, with professional’s assistance. The problem of leaking taps appears to be minor, but it can lead to accumulation of water in your kitchen and bathroom, along with increasing your utility bills. Homeowners should essentially keep a check on plumbing problems like leaking taps and water leaks in order to address and resolve the issue within a quick span of time. No doubt, it is quite intimidating to locate the cause of the water leak problem; however, hiring a Plumbing Xpert can help you in quick Leak Detection of the real cause behind a water leak.

Leaking taps and Water Leaks what are the major causes

  • Broken or cracked pipes
  • Improper installation
  • Corroded valve seat
  • Building up of mineral deposits in internal components

The causes of annoying trouble of leaking taps and water leaks need to be immediately examined and treated by professionals to prevent it from growing further. We, at Fix Xperts Plumbing Services, address the cause of leaking taps and water leaks at your place in an adequate manner and serve you with the precise Plumbing Solutions. We have the finest Plumbers at our behest who can detect and repair leaky taps and water leaks at your home swiftly.

Leaking taps and what can be the possible consequences of it?

Annoying Dripping Sound

The constant dripping sound of water leaking tap can drive you nuts and can also disturb your peaceful slumber.

Mold Growth

A leaking tap and water leak can escalate from an annoying concern to a major problem by causing severe damage to your property. Continuously dripping water can lead to the growth of mold on your floors, walls, and ceilings.

Hike in Water Bills

Leaking taps and water leaks can increase your water bills and could create a hole in your pocket. Though a leaky tap may not seem like dripping much amount of water, the reality is that it can bring an unexpected hike in the annual water bill of a homeowner.

An unaddressed leaking tap or water leak can put added stress on your overall well-being and severely impact your daily routine tasks. In order to stay prevented from serious consequences of the problem of leaking taps, you should consider calling Fix Xperts Plumbing Services on 011 391 0987 or 011 391 0989 for help.

Leaking Toilet

Leaking toilet cisterns are most commonly caused by worn inlet and/or outlet valve washers. In most cases, these washers can be replaced and the cistern repaired. If you have an old single flush cistern that is leaking it may be a good opportunity to upgrade to a dual flush cistern or a more water efficient toilet suite. If you do wish to replace your suite we can advise you on what model will best suit your existing Plumbing configuration.

If you have noticed a puddle of water on the ground behind your toilet it will most likely be a leaking flush cone rubber or pan collar. Flush cone rubbers are the seal that joins the pipe from the cistern to the toilet pan. The pan collar is the big rubber that connects the toilet pan to the sewer drain. Flush cone rubbers can usually be replaced with minimum fuss, but pan collars can be difficult as the toilet pan has to be removed in most cases. It depends on how the toilet pan has been installed which will be the deciding factor on whether it can be removed without breaking it or not.


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Randburg Leaking Taps

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