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Faulty Thermostat

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Geyser thermostat problems and their solutions

Faulty Thermostat – When a customer calls us about a problem with their electric geyser, you know it’s potentially urgent. Electric geyser problems can cause a variety of symptoms, including issues with water temperature, leaks, discoloration, odor and noise.

A geyser is an appliance which heats water for us so that we can avail it through the taps in our houses and commercial spaces. Geysers are extremely important, one of the most important parts of a geyser is the thermostat. A thermostat is basically that part which helps us control the water temperature that we will obtain once the geyser has done its work. In most of the cases, people set the thermostat to a certain temperature and don’t change it but some prefer changing it accordingly to the intensity of the cold weather or other reasons.

A geyser thermostat is a part that may experience certain faults and problems. But it is important to resolve these issues because without doing so, you may not be able to utilize or use your geyser at all. The following is a list of the most common geyser thermostat problems along with some of their possible solutions:

Water not heating sufficiently


One of the most common geyser thermostat problems is water not getting heated. This problem is related to thermostats because if the thermostat is set to a lower temperature then the water won’t heat as much as you would like it to.


  • In this case, you may need to reach the thermostat first and then turn it to a desired setting.
  • For this, you may need to first turn off the electricity supply to the geyser and then oven the protective covering.
  • Now use a small screw driver to turn the knob of the thermostat.
  • Check whether the water is getting properly heated now.
  • If not, turn the thermostat to an even higher degree of temperature.

Stuck thermostat


Another common geyser thermostat problem is a stuck thermostat. Sometimes what happens is that the thermostat knob or functioning gets stuck at a certain point and this can result in either too hot water all the time or too cold water.


If you do not like the temperature of the water being received, then it may be difficult to turn the thermostat knob. In such a situation, you may have to contact a professional to repair or replace the thermostat altogether.

Thermostat faults at a certain point


In some cases, the thermostat knob may continue moving or turning as it used to but the setting may get stuck at a certain point or level.


In this case the solution is to get the thermostat replaced so that you can control the temperature of water received.

Now that you know the common geyser thermostat problems, you can easily detect and identify on your own and even solve it using the methods given above.

Why is my Geyser overflow pipe dripping?

Every Geyser, regardless, whether its mains or low pressure must have a method of expansion relief. As water is heated its density will decrease requiring more space and creating more pressure inside the geyser. If this pressure is not managed properly due to a faulty thermostat your electrical geyser could/will explode or “burst” once it reaches its maximum rated manufacturing pressure limit. Some additional factors such as incoming pressure will also affect your system pressure as a whole.

A geyser dripping is normal, whereas a regular stream or gush from your Geyser is not. If you are experiencing a stream, gush or heavy drip from your geyser`s overflow pipe some of the following reasons may apply:

  • A recent increase of pressure may have happened due to utility repairs or improvements.
  • Your Geyser is overheating because of a faulty thermostat that has failed.
  • On low-pressure systems, your incoming pressure is reduced with a pressure control valve. This valve may wear down over time eventually allowing more pressure through than the vacuum relief valve can handle (the vacuum relief valve may also be the cause) In this case maintenance or replacement will be required.
  • On mains pressure systems, cold water expansion or temperature relief valves may be faulty, worn out or simply requiring a clean. Both valves have a lever which allows you to open and discharge hot water. Often, doing this may solve the issue as grit may be the offending cause or your excessive drip.


How a Geyser Thermostat Works

The thermostat acts as a coordinator between the element. When the water in the top part of the geyser is hot enough, it lets the thermostat go into action. When the thermostat senses the water in the geyser is too cool it turns on the element. This happens only after the element of the geyser has finished heating.

Geyser Thermostat – Safety Issues

Before you test or work on the faulty thermostat or the Geyser in general, you want to make sure that you have shut off the power to the Geyser. The electrical power that heats the water can cause serious injury or even death.


WARNING!! Make Sure the Power is OFF!!! BEFORE You Work on the Geyser Thermostats!!!

We have listed the most common faults above for your electrical geyser to ensure you can make an educated decision before taking any action. If you can’t find information about the fault you are experiencing on our website, please don’t hesitate to call our friendly technical team on: 011 391 0987 or 011 391 0989

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