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Boksburg Geyser Repair and replacements

Geyser (Water Heater) Repair

No hot water coming from your taps? A strange smell when you run hot water? Both of these could be symptoms of a geyser (water heater) in need of repairs. There’s no need to fear since we’re able to fix all makes and models of geysers (water heating)

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Boksburg Drain Cleaning

Boksburg Blocked Drain and Drain Cleaning

Top-notch drain cleaning service.


Sometimes it’s hard to notice, but every day all sorts of debris to make its way down our drains. It’s common for things such as food, cooking oil and hair to end up in our plumbing. This debris can accumulate over time, which may result in clogs that disturb the normal flow of water in our homes. At best these clogs can cause foul smells, and at worst increased pressure in the pipes that lead to bursts.

The drain cleaning Plumbers at Fix Xperts Plumbing Services can perform drain cleaning service to homes in the Boksburg area. We can quickly take care of any stubborn clogs in your drains and clear your home’s water pipes of any obstructions.

 Do You Need a Drain Cleaning Company?

Clogged drains can be the source of any number of plumbing problems at home. But thankfully, due to their dirty and smelly nature, they’re easy to identify. Lead to all sorts of problems, but due to their dirty and smelly nature, they’re easy to identify. If you spot any of the following, it may be time to call a drain cleaning company:

  • Dirty water coming back up from drains
  • Standing water in your home’s sinks
  • Funky smells coming from the drains
  • Trouble flushing any toilets
  • Burst pipes or water leaks in your home

It may be time to call a drain cleaning Plumber if you notice any of the above clues. They will be able to clear your system up of any tough clogs.


Boksburg Water Leak Detection

Respected water leak detection service in Boksburg.

Water leaks can be a tricky and dangerous plumbing problem. They can destroy a home bit by bit over a long period of time. If left undetected, a water leak can damage a home’s walls, floors, and ceilings from the inside out, which leaves homeowners with costly repair bills.

The water leak detection team at Fix Xperts Plumbing Services offer water leak detection service to customers in the Boksburg area. We make use of the latest equipment and technology to determine the location of water leaks and how best to plug them up.

Leaking taps

Boksburg Leaking Taps and Toilet

A leaking tap or toilet can become expensive, with the potential to waste over 76 liters of water a day. Be on the lookout for trouble signs so you can have any problems repaired as soon as possible.

Water pressure in your system can make leaks more likely to develop. Make sure the water pressure is not too high, as this can increase the likelihood of leaking, in addition to having other possible negative effects on your plumbing system All our work is Guaranteed

Krugersdorp Plumber

Boksburg Plumbing Renovations

Whether your home improvement project is something you have been preparing for years or a spur of the moment decision, Fix Xperts Plumbing will work with you from start to finish.

Our goal is to minimize your stress by providing a plumber who shows up on time, is well presented, professional and carries out your job with care and skill.

Home renovations, especially kitchen and bathroom renovations, can get very expensive if they are not planned properly. Fix Xperts Plumbing will take the time to discuss your plumbing requirements and work with you to design a plumbing system that will run effectively with the architectural parameters of your newly renovated home. We also provide the most up to date and innovative solutions and products for your home that are both energy efficient and cost efficient.

Through innovation, planning and use of quality systems we take pride in providing you with the highest level of customer service. From design to implementation our experienced team provides the expertise needed to ensure that the plumbing system of your newly renovated home is completed within critical time schedules and budgets.

To find out more about our plumbing services, please contact our Fix Xperts Plumbing Solutions Team on 011 391 0987 or 011 391 0989

Plumbing Services

Boksburg Commercial & Residential Plumbing Services

  •  Blocked Drains
  •  Burst pipe repair
  •  Blocked toilet
  •  Repiping
  •  Leaking Toilets & Taps
  •  Leak Detection
  •  Pressure Valves
  • Faulty Thermostats
  • Faulty Elements
  • No Hot Water
  • Geyser Repairs & New Installations


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