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Electrical Certificate of Compliance


Emergency Electricians/Electrical Certificate of Compliance - COC

Electrical Certificate of Compliance shall be in the format of Annexure 1 and shall be accompanied by a test report in the format approved by the Chief Inspector

Every user or lessor as the case may be shall have a valid Electrical Certificate of Compliance for the electrical installation he or she uses or leases.


Only a Registered Electrician can issue a Certificate of Compliance after he/she has inspected and tested the electrical system of your home or business

  • If at any time prior to the issuing of a certificate of compliance any fault or defect in any part of the electrical installation, the registered person shall refuse to issue such certificate until that fault or defect has been rectified

    Any person who undertakes to do electrical installation work shall ensure that a valid certificate of compliance shall be issued for that work

    No person shall connect or permit the connection of any completed or partially completed electrical installation to the electricity supply unless it`s been inspected and tested by a registered person and a certificate of compliance for that electrical installation has been issued

    Where any addition or alteration are affected to an electrical installation for which a certificate of compliance was previously issued, the user or lessor of such electrical installation shall obtain a certificate of compliance for at least the addition or alteration

    Subject to the provisions of section 10(4) of the Act, the user, or lessor may not allow a change of ownership if the certificate of compliance is older than two years

    All insurance companies require the Certificate of Compliance.

Using the correct version of a COC

It is important for Sellers, Transfer Attorneys, and Financial Institutions to ensure that the correct version of the Certificate of Compliance is issued by a Registered Person. There are still many electricians using the incorrect documentation which will render the Certificate of Compliance invalid.


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